Friday, October 03, 2008

Car pictures

Well as Katie has requested, I took pictures of the car...but it was after five days of driving on gravel roads up here, so she is pretty dusty. Plus where I am parked offers shade, but made lots of shadows in the pictures. Not of great quality, but at least they are pictures right?

And for the Birketts who made mention of putting the frybrid on the car, I did some major checking into that. The consensus that I found out is that it would cost about 5000 to do the conversion. Because of the year of the car, the fuel pump is actually in the gas tank, so there is no way to pump the veggie oil without adding another pump and also being up north with it getting so cold it can really gum up and ruin something that I cannot remember the name of. But you know me I am always looking into a new way to be green...I am just hoping to find some biodiesel somewhere close because of the new low sulfur standards. From the research that I did, you basically are removing the lubricant for the engine by removing the sulfur, so I either will need a biodiesel or an additive to help lubricate the engine if I want it to last. If you know something else about the "frybrid" please let me know, I would love that!


Whitlocks said...

Nice car! Thanks for the pics. And speaking of being green...Jimmy and I are thinking about putting bamboo wood floors in the new house. We knew you would approve!

The Birketts said...

Hey guys....I did a lot of research a while back on WVO use in diesel cars. I was looking to buy an old Mercedes and do a conversion on it. Shoot me and email or give me a call, and I can try to refresh my memory on all the reading I did. I know a lot of people were converting Jettas, so there is a way to do it...and when I was looking at it last year, it was way less than $5k. I think it was going to be about 3k or so to convert the Mercedes.