Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well this morning when Noah and I arose from bed, we found a white morning. Of course not snow yet, but frost everywhere. The plan was to take off and get some groceries first thing, but we are in a dense fog advisory so I think we will stay put for the time being.

I wanted to update everyone on Noah's potty training. He has gone two full days in big boy underwear with no accidents. Yesterday he even went #2 on the potty by telling me he had to go. It was pretty exciting. He is still in a disposable over night of course, but we are so proud of him and how great he is doing with his potty training.

I found out from my sister yesterday that Target is now selling the diapers that I have been selling to everyone I know, Bum Genius. If you still haven't checked them out, these really are for mainstream Americans...or target would not carry them!

We have a speech appointment on Monday, but as far as I can tell Noah has progressed majorly since his appointment about a month and a half ago...He is trying to say new words all of the time and is starting to repeat things. One day on my way out the door, I forgot something (probably for the fourth time or so) so I exclaimed, "Oh shoot!" Noah quickly repeated me and it was one of the funniest things I have ever heard! It is a good thing I try to refrain from the use of 4 letter words...or my two year old probably would have shouted one the other day. He still is not saying the "p" phoneme, although we have been working on it specifically for over a month. He also doesn't sing along with nursery rhymes, or other familiar songs which is a benchmark that he needs to reach too. We are working diligently to try to get his oral motor skills working.

Well I think that is the rest of the story of our lives as of now. Tune in next time when we bring you the continuing saga of potty training and speech...Until then, give me a call!

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John and Carolyn White said...

I am really missing you! I have a fire going in the fireplace - it is definitely fall weather! I love the pics of Noah - he is cute beyond words! You and Jenna need to come over here and cook in my dream kitchen!
Love you