Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall Fun

Yesterday Noah, Sandy and I played out in the yard for awhile. I got the camera out and took a few pictures.

I think this one is my favorite...I just think it looks like a greeting card front, and on the inside it would say some clever thing about why he is really smiling, and no not because it is your birthday...

Noah found some treasures yesterday...he gets really excited and does this high-pitched giggle when he finds something exciting. The caterpillar and cicada molting were enough for him!

Sad...I can't let the dog out anymore?!?!

"Hey mom, ever heard of something called scissors? My bangs are getting a little long here...pretty soon I will be able to blow them out of the way with my nose!"

I think he had a rock in his hands for this one...

and in this one he is clearly saying "it" which translated to "stick."

Well that is all for now...I think I have posted enough in these past few days to take care of the next few months...hahaha now you will actually have to call me to know what is going on!


Jen said...

Those are awesome pictures!

Whitlocks said...

Ok Noah looks ridiculously(sp?)old and cute in those pictures.

Gerben en Julie said...

wauw...those are cute!!!

John and Carolyn White said...

thanks for sharing these great pics of mr. noah - i love his inquisitiveness!