Saturday, October 18, 2008

where does the time go?

Well it has been over a week since I last posted and lots has happened.
We went to eat pizza with Howie and Justin Clark. Here are the boys in their seats on the way over to Waverly.

I went garage sale-ing on Friday and Saturday last week. I did not find much in Waverly...all girl stuff! But I hit the jackpot in Clarksville on Saturday. I got a bunch of clothing, 2 sizes of snow pants, snow boots and a Bob the Builder DVD for under $35!

Last Sunday, Amber and Jenna came home from church with me and we cooked Cajun Cornbread Skillet and had a fun afternoon. After we ate they helped me get some more fall pictures of Noah. He looks so adorable playing. Later this week we hope to get to carve our pumpkin. It will be Noah's first pumpkin!

Noah saying "Here's lookin at you kid!"

On Wednesday nights I have been leading a youth group at the youth center in Clarksville. I am so blessed to have one of the college kids (hahaha that sounds funny coming from me!) helping me with the group. His name is Trevor and I am so glad that God put working with youth on his heart. It is no secret how much a good male influence is needed in Clarksville, but with Matt working rotating shifts and 6- 12's at the moment it isn't really feasible for him to be that guy right now. Trevor has been coming to eat dinner with us before we head to the YC. This past Wednesday we looked at a couple more houses in Waverly, but nothing really exciting. For dinner, Matt dug up some of our sweet far this one takes the prize! No trick photography here, it really was that big! Matt, Noah, Trevor, and I ate off of it and there is about 2/3 of the potato left.
for some odd reason, the blogger photo uploader continues to turn this picture to the left. Nevertheless it is a giant sweet potato!

We are still loving the Jetta. Last time I filled up (10/11/08) I got 49.5 miles to the gallon! I still have a half of a tank and I went garage sale-ing house shopping, etc and have not needed to fill up. I am waiting until I get to 1/4 tank because since the last time I filled Diesel has come down about 20 cents. I am hoping that the trend continues. Gas has gone down even more here, but Diesel has to be about double the price of gas before it is less cost effective to drive the jetta. Plus, I have loved having heated seats because it has already been pretty cold here for a few weeks. We did have warmer weather last week, but it froze the other night and finished my garden off:(


Julie Peine said...

Yay for garage sales! That was quite the take.

Whitlocks said...

That picture of you and Noah on the porch is adorable. He still looks more like Matt but your definitely in there too!