Friday, October 03, 2008


Well the harvest is in full swing and with harvest comes the danger of accidents since everyone involved is overworked and overtired. There have already been two accidents around here and I would just like to share a little. Today at story hour there was a little boy who fell out of a combine and was in a total hip and legs cast. He cannot sit up but can lay flat on his back or on his stomach. Also, my dear friend Carolyn's nephew rolled a ranger on top of himself and she had to resuscitate him and he was airlifted to Iowa City last Sunday. The reason i am telling all of you this, is because I would like for you to stop and pray for the families that are involved in the harvest and pray for their safety. These are the people who feed America and they deserve your prayer as much as any other group I know of. Without them, we would have to depend on other countries for our food supply. I for one do not want to depend on other countries for my food, so i hope you will join me in praying for these men and women who sacrifice so much at this time of the year. Thanks

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