Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Never Say Never

Well I thought Noah would never get potty trained, but finally success. While my mom was in town she sucessfully got him to go #2 on the potty several times. We already had the other stuff down. Then the day before she left, Noah peed 2x in his pants and also #2 in his pants. I was so frustrated because I knew he could hold it, but he would go in his pants on purpose. I knew this because I had a timer set to take him ever hour, but he would wake in the morning and be completely dry. My friend Melissa was a big help because she gave me the suggestion of letting him clean himself up when he made a mess in his pants...I think he had to do it about 5-6 times and it usually took him almost an hour of screaming at me, "No you do it!" to which I would respond, "I did not make the mess, I will not clean it up." So my mom says to me, "Just put him back in diapers for a little while so you do not loose your sanity." He was back in diapers for 2 days and had no accidents. Well I did not communicate to Matt that I was leaving him in diapers, so back into the "big boys" as Noah likes to call them, he went. Ever since that day he has been asking to go potty and has only had 2 accidents in over 3 months!!! That is success!

Now that I finished that, I can also add that we had a great Christmas here at our new home. With the move we did not put up a tree:( but we had a very cute Charlie Brown-type tree that Pam and Dave found for us...In some ways I really liked it better than a was really easy to take down.

Baga and Noah built a snowman baby...well, Baga built and Noah threw snowballs at was a fun time for all.

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