Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One of these days...

Well so much has happened in our lives since I last posted that it feels weird to even come back to the blog. A few of the highlights are:
1. Bought a house in Waverly to call our very own, only through the blessing of God
2. Noah is fully potty trained!!!!!!!!
3. "Baga" came to visit for Christmas
4. Dan and Lynn moved to Turkey!!!!
5. We visited FL, but still didn't see everyone
6. Spent 8hrs in the Cedar Rapids Airport when we came home because the Jetta's fuel had gelled in the -30 temps the week before
7. Ashley promoted to Director with Pampered Chef!
8. Matt is finally on his regular work schedule
9. Ashley went to Denver for the Pampered Chef Leadership Convention and visited Sandy and Tex

...not to mention celebrating Christmas at the Jensens, Bolins, Dave Bolins, Baga Sue's.

Noah and I celebrated New Year's Eve with bunch of friends at the Baker's residence and also went out to the Stanley's which Noah calls Na-na's house because the little girl, same age as Noah's nickname is Na-na).

I think that is the jist of all that has gone on thus far this year and back into last year a few weeks...if you want to know more details, CALL ME!!!!!


Whitlocks said...

Hey! Glad you all are doing well. I know you've been busy. Can't wait to see and hear more about the house. Great job Noah now mommy can pack up the diapers till the next kid! Talk to you soon.

JK Williams said...

Great Job Noah!! We were so glad we got to spend a little time with you guys. Congrats on the house, being able to call a house your own feels great! Love you all!

The Birketts said...

Sounds like a lot is happening! We all miss you down here in Florida! Congrats on the potty training...