Thursday, July 08, 2010

Not for the faint of heart

Well nothing too graphic...the video is a little dark, but it is of my bare stomach and the baby that is in there jumping (literally). Thought Matt might like to see it. There are 2 really noticable kicks in the video. Don't mind the dramatic Tom & Jerry music playing in the background.
My friend Katie wanted to see a belly picture of me...well this is as close as it comes right now. I'll have to see if Noah can get a good profile shot of me.


Whitlocks said...

Yeah! Great video. And thanks for all the catch up blogs. I enjoyed reading them. Glad you have family and friends helping you out while Matt is in Florida. We will keep praying for the house to sell quickly. Talk to you soon.

The Williams family said...

Hello baby Bolin!!

Can wait to meet you and see the rest of your family!

apotratz said...

That is hilarious! My baby is starting to kick harder but I'm definitely not to that point yet! I pray that baby doesn't keep you up all night!

Ash said...

Alli- Nothing wakes me up...just is hard to fall asleep! Noah never moved that forcefully or as much as this one does!

Heather and Her Guys said...

love it! brings back memories... sure Matt will love it :)