Sunday, September 19, 2010


Noah is loving his VPK. He does art everyday and is really learning a lot. His teacher tells me about Noah's interaction with others. His imagination is one of the things I hear about most often, which is really funny because I don't seem to notice much imaginative play at home. The first week of school he was playing on the jungle gym and decided that it was a boat that was on fire and he kept annoucing, "The boat is on fire. Quick come with me." His teacher said the first few times no one listen to him, but he was persistent and patient until he finally convinced a few friends to "jump ship."

Noah also continues to be a big help with his brother, Foster. He is eager to help me anytime I need the pump turned on, a diaper or wipes brought to me, or even comes quick to talk to Foster when he cries. What a blessing it is to have Noah in my life!


Whitlocks said...

Glad Noah is enjoying preschool and is such a great big brother. It's so sweet that he likes helping with his baby brother.

100% said...