Tuesday, January 11, 2011

where have the Bolins gone?

It has been about 4 months since I last posted, I thought I would update you on what is going on in our lives. First, it has been crazy...by this I mean we have been living out of suitcases for over six months now but have been so blessed by our friends and family who have graciously taken us in in the last six months. Matt started out living with the Searbys. With the birth of their daughter approaching, he moved out in mid September. He stayed the next couple of weeks with friends from Harvest Christian Church, Pete and Lou Peterman. In the last couple of months we have all house sat for both the Searbys and the Williams. Matt and Josh are both working at the vet school, so when Matt stays in Gainesville they carpool to the University.
The boys and I spent our first five months with my sister Amy and her family. It was great to get to watch them grow together as a family and get to know Matt (yes Amy married a Matt too) my brother-in-law. Brilei and Noah spent many hours playing together and Presslei spent many hours holding Foster. We enjoyed our time with the Smiths and especially enjoyed attending their church, Celebration, with them. I later found out that this church is one of the main supporters of 6:8 ministries in Costa Rica that Matt and I served with in March 2008. It is always neat to be reminded of how all of God's kingdom works together even when it is all over the globe.

Baga Sue put Foster right to sleep


Look how skinny I am!

Foster next to a "Sugar Britches" doll at 4 weeks old

Foster practicing tummy time and Presslei getting in on the action

Noah helping give Foster on of his first bottles ever

Foster in the baby K'tan

Foster having time with "Sweet P" (Tink's nickname for Presslei, Tink is my "auntie" name)

Noah and Foster cuddling on the couch

In October, we (the boys and I)were fortunate enough to be able to travel back to Iowa so that Foster could meet the family and friends we left behind. We truly miss all of you! The second day we were there, I had an open house and invited everyone to come by and see us. We had over 50 people come by to see us and felt the love of the community we were surrounded by in Iowa. In the beginning of December, our family including Matt went back to Iowa and visited again, celebrated Christ's birth with Matt's family. It was God's timing for our trip. The night we were heading to our hotel near the airport for our early morning flight, we received a call from Matt's mom letting us know that she had cervical cancer. She is currently being treated with radiation 5 days a week and chemo once a week. The good news is last week she had a scan at the half way point in her treatment and the tumor has shrunk to half of its original size! We praise God that his healing is at work. Please join with us in praying for Pam.
Papa Pete's hand with Foster's hands in October
Noah and Foster were gators for Halloween
The middle of December was our time to give Amy and her family some time without us. My grandmother is about 1.5hrs from Gainesville (Matt's commute the other direction to Amy's house took about 1hr 20mins). She has offered her house to us. We have been living with her for almost a month now. The big difference between here and Orange Park is the price of groceries! They are almost double here as compared to OP. Of course we don't have a publix close by to shop at, so that could be part of the problem. We have been enjoying our time with "Baga Sue" as Noah and Brilei call her. We have been attending church with her at the Ridge Manor United Methodist Church. Last week we were able to make it down to Tampa to spend the afternoon with my Dad and Deborah. The "boys" (Matt, Noah and Dad) went out on the boat. Noah had a great time. We had some yummy smoked chicken and potato salad and tomato salad. We also got to spend some time with my mom and help with a few little projects.
That is the gist of it. I also believe that 2 blogs is too much for me. So until I figure something else out, I will continue to post on here. We will be 3 Bolins plus one :) If the Big Ten has as much revenue as they do and they can't count, it is fine for me too- some humor my Father-in-law will be proud of!


Gerben en Julie said...

good to hear from you again!!and one blog is more than enough. I haven't had time for more than one blog either. :)
cute pictures from the boys!!

Whitlocks said...

Yeah an update! Loved all the pictures. Looking forward to seeing everybody in a few weeks. Talk to you soon.