Monday, December 16, 2013

The wait...

We started this process in January of last year. We got on the waiting list for the agency we were planning on using in March. But now the agency we were going to partner with is not going to do international adoptions anymore because of a law that is going into effect July 2014. All adoptions on the American side BY LAW will have to be through Hague Accredited agencies. So the agency we were going to partner with is not accredited and has decided they are just going to stick with domestic adoptions. The agent who was working with us is going to work through another agency that is accredited. So she is saying January is when we will get to start. We haven't had our Home study agent sign off on our home study yet because we don't want our home study to get too "old" waiting on the new agency to be ready. I am hoping we can bring our kids home by next Christmas...but who knows! Waiting is so hard but the positive is that we have more time to fund-raise!

In other news, we had our 4th garage sale last weekend. Over 155 hours went into the sale. It is a lot of work but rewarding at the end of the day when you get to count! Our Silent auction closed on Wednesday and although we still had several items not even bid on and most items nowhere near retail value, God blessed what we had and our fundraisers were both super successful. Thank you to all of my many friends who donated and a HUGE thanks to Krystle Williams and Jen Searby for spending over 30 hours each on our garage sale. I am blessed to call you friends!

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