Thursday, January 16, 2014

Family day minus two

Were were so excited to get to participate in the Okoa Refuge Carnival Fundraiser in Jacksonville Beach this past weekend. This is the orphanage we hope to adopt from and the people who run it are pretty amazing because of their love for Jesus and the sacrifices they are making to follow His word. We had fun times, great food and got to bless some of the kids there with a card and a message from our family. One of the things Okoa is in need of right now is sponsors for many of their kids. You can check out the kids who are in need of a sponsor, learn about their story and know that the money you are giving to sponsor one of these precious kids, all goes to the kids and their needs for school, food clothing, shelter and care. As you scroll through, the kids who need sponsors have a drop down menu. The three I have pictured here are all in need of a sponsor...go ahead...check it out...

Because we were only 3 blocks from the beach, when the carnival was over we headed to the shore. It was SUPER windy that day and only about 70 degrees so we did not venture into the water (well except for when a wave came up much further than the rest and knocked Foster down), but we did build a Sand Turtle. We also saw the sand blowing like snow does in Iowa (or I guess anywhere it snows) and that was interesting. The biggest difference was that the sand HURT when it hit you like being sandblasted! 
Our one family "selfie" that we were all actually in

Blowing sand. If you look just in front of the water you can see it.

Another blowing sand shot

Sea Turtle decorated by Noah and Foster

Complete with a smile :)
Wishing our new family members could have spent the day with us!

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