Tuesday, June 10, 2014


What apparently takes normal people about 4-6 months to complete has FINALLY been completed for us...

We have a Home Study!!! Completed, signed, sealed, delivered, notarized, paid for, educated about, blood drawn, shots given, doctors approval, friend recommended, finished home study!

It only took us 18 months...but I guess nobody had to tell you that we're NOT normal!!!

Jumping selfies are not easy...I hope you get half as many laughs out of these as we did making them!

"Good thing Ashley has good air brakes, that could have been dangerous!"
3-2-1 Blast off!

The work of our home study is finally done...now off to the dossier!


Urban Pastures said...

Yaaay! Now you have to do something to celebrate! I remember how good it felt when our home study to become foster parents was over...good times! Congratulations, you're closer!

Sweet Caroline said...

Home studies - a necessary evil - but you did it and survived! One step closer, my friend. I am lifting up a glass of sweet tea in a toast to you all - and will lift up prayers daily!