Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 4th was a real shiner!!!

On the night of the 3rd, Noah was playing in the tub when he fell into the side of the tub. It actually broke the skin and Noah had his first black eye.

On the fourth of July we went to Shell Rock and watched the parade. Then we went back for the fire works that night. Noah really enjoyed them. Many other kids were upset by the noise, but he loved them and clapped and pointed during the entire show.

Each fourth I am going to take a photo of Noah so I can have a good reference for how much he grows every year of life.

Last Year's Picture- Noah 2mo.
BTW Noah also had his 8th tooth come through on the bottom right on June 2nd. He has had cold-like symptoms for a few days now and I don't know if he really has a cold or if it is just the teeth, however he took two, three-hour naps today! He was a tired little guy! We are still working on the house. I hope to get some pictures tomorrow which I will of course promptly load onto the blog;) Tonight is the first time I have loaded pictures with our "slow" (compared to cable internet we had in g-ville) internet and man is it slow... We miss everyone in Florida lots, but we are traveling to Kansas City on Saturday to spend some time with Josh and Krystle. We are excited! We are having a good time with all of the family here in Iowa though. We will be at Sarah's 1st birthday party on Saturday which is the main reason we are going down to see Josh and Krystle. We will be half way to KC at the party so we figured- what the heck, we might as well go the rest of the way to see some good friends! Matt is having a slow start to his job- he hasn't really started yet- but we are trying to be patient. Matt is doing a better job at patience than I am- imagine that! Well hopefully I will be back on here tomorrow to load house pictures!

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