Friday, July 27, 2007

An Ambulance for Noah?

Well my 24th birthday will be one to remember! We picked my mom up from the airport and came home. My mom, Matt and I were all talking and Noah climbed up onto his gator chair and then fell off backwards onto his back on the cold air return vent. He of course started crying as Matt ran over and picked him up. As I came over to assess the situation, Noah's eyes rolled back in his head. I started yelling, "something is wrong with him!" as I ran to call 9-1-1. My mom immediately started monitoring him also and his eyes rolled back for a second time. At this point I had dialed 9-1-1 three times and nothing was happening. I promptly screamed at Matt, "what in the heck do you call here," assuming that there must be another emergency number. Matt assured me that 9-1-1 was the way to go, so I tried again. I guess the forth time is the charm here in Iowa because I finally got through. She dispatched an ambulance and as we waited, for what seemed like eternity, Noah calmed down and Matt took him outside to play with ladder ball (the store bought version of Norwegian Golf). As the ambulance wizzed by our house and my mom chased after them, I called 9-1-1 again to let the dispatcher know that they had passsed house and once again the call did not go through. I tried 3 more times and finally I got the dispatcher. After I told her that they had passed our house, I also let her know that I was having a time getting through to her. The EMT's (volunteer I might add) checked Noah's vitals and saw that his pupils were reactive and said that he looked good. Since it was my birthday, Gramma and Grampa Bolin were driving up. They of course saw the ambulance and were worried only to be reasured when they saw us all standing behind the ambulance and not jumping into it.

On a lighter note, Noah is now signing please, thank you, milk, food, more, finished, and can point out where your nose is (thanks to Baga). He also knows how snapping fingers should work, although he doesn't quite have it down yet taught by Uncle James. Our white, picket fence is starting to take form in the front yard. It is going to look so good thanks to Matt with lots of help from grampa Neil. Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed the story.


The Singleton Family said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so thankful he is okay. What a scare!! Watch your little climber. We find Luke climbing all sorts of things when Emily forgets to close the doors.

Jen and Joel Searby said...

Welcome to the Midwest!

Elizabeth said...

I would have been so frustrated!
That's some quality 911 service there! Jodi fell off the bed over huge pillow barricades in her sleep a couple of weeks ago and scared me half to death, though she was fine and her eyes didn't roll back. I still ended up calling Shands after Hours just to double check. No bump or anything, which I found amazing.
Happy birthday (belated)!