Monday, July 09, 2007


We went to Kansas City to see Josh and Krystle this weekend. We had so much fun getting to visit with them and Josh's family. Seeing them makes us miss Gainesville even more, but we are loving being close to so much family here.

Well I have a couple of funny stories to tell from our trip. First I will start with our game of Hand and Foot. Krystle and I totally dominated Josh and Matt. We only played two rounds because it got so late, but I believe Krystle and I were up by 3000 points. Again this time, Josh was holding onto threes to make a set:)

The second funny story is why this blog is titled "Margarita's?" The five of us went out to eat at a restaurant called Margarita's.

Our server Jessica is the new love of Noah's life. I have never seen him flirt and giggle like he did when Jessica came around. He was definitely in love! Krystle took pictures of us there and pictures of Noah and Jessica, so when she gets home she is going to email them to me and I will upload them so you can see what a beautiful girl Noah loves!!!

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