Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day, Noah Knows...

Well, today is only our second day without Peanut and it is still pretty sad. Matt's parents, both sets of grandparents, and James and Nicole came over to eat. And eat we did. We had Angie's famous babyback recipe ribs, hamburgers prepped by Nicole and cooked by Matt, Gramma Mavis' potato salad which I loved because it was southern style, Greek salad, shrimp pasta salad which Noah loved made by Gramma Mary, baked beans, raw apple cake, and rice crispy treats. After we ate Noah led Gramma Pam into Matt and my bedroom. Noah went over to Peanut's empty food dish, pointed at it and waved bye. Pam came out crying and when she told the rest of us we promptly followed suit. Noah has been extra fussy these past 2 days and I think it is because he misses his doggy.

I think that a lot of Noah's pickyness lately stems from a desired independence which he is just now learning to explore. This afternoon after all of the people left Noah and I were having "snack." I offered him some tomatoes, which he usually loves (I think he gets that from his Aunt Jen:), by trying to put one in his mouth and he promptly spit it out and put a different one in his mouth himself, chewed it up and swallowed it. What a little turkey! A few other milestones which Noah has reached recently are being able to open the front door by himself, being too tall to run under the diningroom table, and two molars popped through his gums on the top. The bottom ones are definately not far behind. Noah also knows how to turn on the stereo and he loves to turn the volume way up and jam. He will turn around to make sure you are watching him dance. We miss everybody and cannot wait to see you all.

I also thought of a few more things we will miss about Peanut...having to pick up the food Noah throws on the floor which would have usually been welcomed by a very ready, hungry Jack Russell, and also not having her let us know when someone is here to see us. As annoying as her barking could be sometimes, the house sure seems quiet at those times without it.


Jen and Joel Searby said...

My dad brought me a huge box of tomatos from his garden. We ate all but 6 of them in the week he was here! I will savor the last few and make them last as long as possible:)

Amy said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Peanut guys. I'm sure the loss is tremendous and you have all of our best wishes. She's now chasing some pits and a rotty around doggie heaven. Take care.