Friday, September 21, 2007

Vacation Much Needed!!!

We have been home for just a few days, but this time it feels more refreshing to be here. We just had a wonderful week in Florida. Our trip started out by surprising my gramma that we were in Florida. That night we celebrated Gramma and Mom's birthdays. We ate a wonderful meal of Chicken Roll-Ups, salad, green beans, and a homemade dark chocolate cake Barby made. It was wonderful. Amy, who is in nursing school now, tried to hear Noah's murmur. I thought it was such a cute picture. The next day we took a picnic to the Withlacoochee River Park and enjoyed the playground, breeze, and all of the butterflies. We had a great time.

Thursday morning we went over to spend time with Mema, Papa, Aunt Leanie, and Dad. That evening we spent some time with Beth and Jordan and ate Chili's take out. Friday morning we packed our stuff and headed to gramma's to spend the day with her. Barby also came back to gramma's, so we got to spend some more time with her too. Around 3:30 we headed out to make it to Jimmy and Katie's before rush hour. We ate stuffed shells Jimmy made for dinner and they were great. That night we played bohnanza, which I won before crashing. Saturday morning we all rose and started to get ready for the party at the Searby's house. What a party! Chris and Renae Nicholich, Matt and Kristy Crowe, Brandi Strode and Kids, Amy and Jon Leftwich, Krystal and Josh Williams, and a few of Joel's co-workers were all there. It was so great seeing everyone. It was definitely the therapy I have been needing:) The highlight of the trip was of course getting to meet Evan, the new addition to the Searby household. Jen is doing such a wonderful job being a mommy. What patience! Noah had fun looking Evan over and tickling his little, but big feet. We went to the pool and Noah got his first sunburn on his chest and back. Later we watched Florida pummel Tennessee59-20. We played "What if?" at the Searby's before going back to Whitlocks.

Sunday morning we went to church and heard a great message from a missionary who serves in Africa. We talked to Bob Gailey a little about the Costa Rica mission trip and then went to David's BBQ and ate with the Birketts, Searbys, and Whitlocks. We headed to the Williams' after that and played a few games, which Mike and Vernine were able to come too also. We finally got to meet Zach and what a pleasure that was. Sweet Dreams was the next stop and it was as delicious as ever! Matt and I had a waffle cones with Mexican coffee and Mayan chocolate. That night we played a game called Beyond Balderdash with Katie and Jimmy. Then the boys and I played a farming game. We finally made the bed around 4:00am! Monday morning Jimmy and Matt went to a boy pow-wow with Joel and Kevin at Starbucks. They all had a great time. When they came home we played a few more games, then had to get on the road. We stopped by the lab, vet school, and rainbow, and a quick stop at the Searby's before heading out of Gainesville back to Tampa. That evening we saw Leigh Anne, David, and Shay Lynn, and finally Dad and Deborah's for spaghetti dinner! Tuesday we hung out with Bran Dee and Barby. My gramma came down to my mom's for dinner and we had a great meal and said our goodbyes. We left the next morning at 4:15. It was hard to leave, but made it easier to come home having seen just about everyone we love and miss in Florida. We can't wait to come back Dec 30-Jan 9! See you all then!


Mary said...

Love the pictures! (I already know the story) See you in 10 days! Love, Mom

Jen and Joel Searby said...

It was SO good to see you. January will be here before we know it and you'll be glad to get out of snowy Iowa.